Community Leadership & Experience

Being on Council over the past four years, I know our town and residents have experienced unprecedented challenges.

Major Changes with Council, County, Growth, Infrastructure, Capital Projects, Concerns with our Natural Environment,

Sustainability, Social, Recreational, Economic Stability and of course Navigating through the Covid Pandemic.


I was proud to be part of the team that established the Community Recovery Task Force, one of the first

municipalities in Ontario to do so. Weekly cooperation and collaboration with residents, local business owners,

faith based leaders and Town Staff was the cornerstone of our success to continue

the long road of recovery right here in The Blue Mountains.


There is so much to be done and we need LEADERSHIP and EXPERIENCE to set the course for the future.

Political decisions never please all, but when we strive for the greater good of our residents as a whole,

that is how we continue to move forward as a Community.


The Blue Mountains is the nicest place to live in the Canada and we need to ensure

all aspects of our Town are taken care of not only for today but especially tomorrow.

Town building is a TEAM effort. It is through collaboration, communication & teamwork that the

Blue Mountains will be continue to be successful not only as a Town but more importantly as a Community.

By taking charge of our own future, we can ensure that we are continually growing a vibrant town

with the financial and economic strength that will have an enduring competitive advantage in attracting

and maintaining the people and businesses to support our continued future prosperity for all.